27 July 2008


Girl Props
153 Prince St.
New York City

Choose Your Poison

I was reluctant to enter the zebra-print storefront with the sign “Girl Props” towering over it, for obvious reasons. What exactly was in this shop? And why did it blare the double entendre for all on Prince Street to see? The black-white-and-hot pink sign drew so much attention, especially being on a corner, of course pedestrians would be compelled to watch who enter and exit the shop.

Once inside, though, I realized my anticipated embarrassment was unfounded. Girl Props is a treasure trove of girly crap accessories: foofy, elastic, plastic, and plated pieces of jewelry, belts, and head gear, all at ultra low prices (Xie xie, China!).

The store offers jewelry for every occasion: raves, Eighth Grade Dance, proms, Quintoceras...so you can’t go wrong stepping into this cache of cheap riches. But stepping out with that potentially lead-based charm bracelet may not be the safest or most fashionable purchase…unless you’re going to the New Kids on the Block Reunion concert on October 27th at Madison Square Garden. Then it’s totally acceptable and encouraged to rock poisonous nostalgia pieces for the three most anticipated hours of 2008. The green will fade, but not the memories (well, unless you are actually poisoned, then you'll quickly lose braincells and die). But you've lived long enough to see New Kids on the Block reunite and Girl Props was there to deck you out.


Inessa said...

I went into one of those stores in SoHo. While I was looking at a huge pendant, the "stone" fell out and made a loud noise as it landed on the wooden floor. I was relieved that the employees didn't think I was breaking merchandise. Perhaps they knew how shoddy their wares were. Don't get lead poisoning!

jenifer said...

Great!! Want to see the bracelet you have got at the store.